What is Somatic Massage?

Somatic Bodywork and Massage

My practice uses embodied touch and movement to communicate with specific types of tissue and fluids. My massage technique is intuitive and improvised—responding to your body’s needs. Every session is unique.  Some systems and issues I address in my bodywork include:

Muscular System:

Working out knots and areas of stress. Identifying specific muscles holding tension, and tracing the transfer of stress to different muscle-groups.

Skeletal System:

Deep, direct touch that outlines the shape of your “container”, releasing points of tension along areas of muscle-attatchment, and lighter touch facilitating awareness of one’s bone-structure through subtle guided movements.

Joints, Ligaments, Tendons, and Fascia:

Improving mobility and identifying holding patterns through techniques such as compression, light gentle shaking, and assisted stretching.

Lymphatic System and other internal Fluids:

Aiding drainage, circulation, and flow through movement and specific massage techniques.

Breath, Lungs, Diaphragm and Voice:

Learning to express ourselves with an embodied voice is a valuable asset. Conscious use of vocalization and breath can aid the body in the process of transformation and release.

Release of Trauma in the body

During Somatic Massage sessions, you may experience nervous system reactions such as yawning, shaking, laughing, or crying.  This is a way our body uses to release emotions and trauma we may have experienced or inherited.  It is a natural part of the healing process.

Whole-body Integration:

Giving the body space, time, and attention to itself as a whole, as an important element in digesting and absorbing your experiences.