What can I expect in a session?

In a Session, You May Experience:

A Somatic Massage, on a massage table; and/or Experimenting with Movement Therapy and Somatic Embodiment Experiences in an open and safe space.

My massage practice focuses on releasing tension in the body stored in the body through a variety of bodywork techniques, including:

  • Fascia unwinding through deep steady pressure, supported movement and assisted stretching;
  • Deep muscle tissue release, outlining and describing specific muscles to release and relax;
  • Quiet, slow, and more subtle forms of touch that communicate with the body with gentleness and calm;
  • Gentle rocking or shaking to integrate and encourage the body to release patterns of holding and tension.

A primary tool I use in my work is loosening holding patterns in the fascia. Fascia is the connective tissue that wraps every muscle, organ, bone, and ligament. Repatterning the fascia is an important element in releasing long-held tension, and opening to new ways of being in your body.

I sometimes use my own breath and subtle sounds to communicate to the body’s tissues, and may encourage the client to use their own breath, and perhaps sound, to deepen their experience and release tension.  These can be especially useful tools for opening areas of stagnation or holding patterns, and focusing awareness.  Breath is a vital part of giving our body the fuel it needs to regenerate, increasing the blood flow and providing a way out for the tension and toxins that are released.

My massage technique is intuitive and improvised—responding to your body’s needs. Every session is unique.

More information on Somatic Massage here.


I also offer sessions in Somatic Movement Therapy and Embodiment Experiences:

Expanding your range of motion through various experiences in active movement, including assisted stretching and movement, or verbally guided explorations in movement as therapy.

Increased awareness of your anatomy, movement patterns, posture, and alignment through kinesthetic sensing / Somatic Experience.  Sessions in Somatic Movement Therapy would be in a space with room to move around.

More information on Somatic Movement Therapy here.