Somatic Massage:

My role as a practitioner is to help each client gain a sense of their own body and its patterns, through massage and movement.  Sessions may include: Fascia unwinding through deep steady pressure to release patterns of holding and tension; Supported movement and assisted stretching; Deep muscle tissue massage, discovering and defining specific areas to release and relax; Quiet, slow, and more subtle forms of touch that communicate with the energetic and nervous systems; and subtle methods to integrate changes.  Every session is unique — responding to your body’s needs.


Covid Update:

I am fully vaccinated with a booster for Covid-19.  I am currently seeing clients with full vaccination status, and who are not actively experiencing symptoms or know they have been recently exposed to Covid-19.  Proof of vaccination is not required. I will wear a N94+ mask during the entire session. Clients must wear a mask while entering and leaving, and when facing up on the table.  A mask is optional while facing down.  I am happy to answer any questions you have about Covid-safety before you receive your session.  You may reach me through filling out this form.


Monkeypox Update:

Current research shows that the Monkeypox virus (MPX) is spread through skin-to-skin contact with active rashes or lesions/sores.  Transmission is unlikely to occur through contact with healthy, intact skin. At this time, I will not be offering sessions to clients experiencing rashes or sores.  During sessions, I will keep a close eye out for any skin abnormalities the client may be unaware of.   Sheets and linens are changed between every session.  Current Minnesota Dept of Health information about MPX is here.


Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates are available.  Consider giving your loved ones a relaxing experience.  Good for one year from the date issued.  I can mail these to you, or directly to the recipient. To order a Gift Certificate, email

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